March 01 2007

Thank you , For your excellent service and patience.

Best Regards,

Anna Marie R.

Puerto Rico


Hi Joseph,

Many thanks for your time and effort. As discussed, we are beyond pleased with the casting of the lightening bolt you did for us.

I have included 4 more molds for your review as well as an original sterling silver Octopus that needs to be molded.

As a new company with a great deal of artistic integrity, Melissa and I feel confident in the quality of pieces that you produce.


US Virgin Islands


Dear Joseph,

Thank you so very much for your time giving us "the tour" on Monday. It was the highlight for everyone, myself included. Your generousity with time and information is much appreciated, and I'll be sure to send my students to you for their casting needs.

Thanks again for your speedy work, and kind personality.


New York



Thanks Joseph

   Looks Great !


Las Vegas


February 21,2008

Dear Joseph:

Thanks so much for the pieces, they turned out great. I am sending 5 more and would like you to make molds and make 5 each of them. I'm asking for small quantities, because I want to see what they turn out like before I order a lot! I will be in NY soon and will come to see you then.



Takoma Park


Dear Joseph:

I must take the time to thank you again for your courtesy and help with my enamel problem. You are the kind of gentleman that makes this business still a profession of honor and integrity.

I will stop and thank you in person some day soon!

Best Regards,




Dear Joseph:

HI!! Thought I would give a quick email to ask what today's quote per pennyweight you are charging on 14K Yellow Gold. I have to prepare a customer quote for a ring. Hope you are well and awaiting the break in July. The wedding set you cast for me earlier this spring turned out fabulous!!!

Thank you for your help.

Pamela P.




Joseph - Thanks for the great job on the antique yellow gold bracelet. - it looks great !